• 2019
  • Assumptions

Assumptions 2019

  1. A two-week veterinary internship in a veterinary clinic in Barlinek, in Poland for two Kyrgyz veterinarians - March
  2. A visit of the Polish team in Kyrgyzstan - May:
    • A training for veterinarians in parasitological examinations (detection of echinococcosis in animals posing a threat to humans)
    • A training of veterinarians in surgical techniques (control of dog population)
    • Ultrasound examinations of children from the Kasyke Kambetalijew Primary School in the Naryn Region for echinococcosis, combined with a training for two Kyrgyz medical doctors
    • Educational meetings "How to protect yourself against echinococcosis" for children from a primary school in the Naryn Region, with the donation of educational materials (educational bags)
    • Donation of the ultrasound apparatus for use by medical doctors from Kyrgyzstan and signing a contract for free provision of services for children in schools
    • A meeting with the representatives of veterinary and public authorities on improving access to medicines and developing education for veterinarians

To accomplish our plans, we need:

  • surgical materials and equipment
  • microscopes along with the materials necessary for tests
  • medical materials (disinfectants, disposable gowns, gloves etc.)
  • an autoclave (an apparatus for the preparation of surgical tools)
  • an ultrasound apparatus for examination of children's abdominal cavity
  • to establish cooperation with a medical doctor, ready to visit Kyrgyzstan in May and to carry out children's clinical examination and training of Kyrgyz doctors at primary school

We need to raise funds to be able to pay for:

  • flight to and stay in Poland of Kyrgyz veterinarians in March 2019 (flight tickets for 1 doctor, stay for 2)
  • flight to and stay in Kyrgyzstan for the team in May 2019
  • production of education bags and other educational materials
  • transport of materials and equipment to Kyrgyzstan, necessary for the implementation of the project in May 2019